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Bulk SMS Pricing for Promotional & Transactional SMS


Whatever your business SMS needs, we assure only the best returns with our incredibly powerful, easy-to-use and multi-award-winning bulk SMS platform. Our direct carrier relationships and robust technology backend ensure we can’t be beaten on reliability, delivery rates and speed.

Several SMEs, global enterprises, NGOs and communities love us. There are several reasons because of businesses think Fivestake is the best bulk SMS platform or, see for yourself why with a free account and 10 test credits.

Message Bundle Per bundle Per message
10,000 Messages ₹2,500 25.0 paisa
50,000 Messages ₹10,000 20.0 paisa
1,00,000 Messages ₹17,500 17.5 paisa
2,50,000 Messages ₹41,250 16.5 paisa
5,00,000 Messages ₹77,500 15.5 paisa
10,00,000 Messages ₹1,50,000 15.0 paisa
Order up to 1,00,00,000 texts today.
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With our price match guarantee

Fivestake SMS platform and APIs are 100% FREE to use with no hidden costs. Just top-up with SMS credits as and when you need. Please note that

  • SMS credits have unlimited validity
  • Pricing includes discounts for higher bundles
  • Access to SMS platform & APIs is free forever

We promise to match any competitor SMS prices with similar features and connectivity. We only ever use the highest quality routes and guarantee the very best speed & deliverability. Beware of companies that offer low-quality delivery and fake delivery reports.

Mail Bundle Per bundle Per mail
10,000 Mails ₹2,500 25.0 paisa
50,000 Mails ₹10,000 20.0 paisa
1,00,000 Mails ₹17,500 17.5 paisa
2,50,000 Mails ₹41,250 16.5 paisa
5,00,000 Mails ₹77,500 15.5 paisa
10,00,000 Mails ₹1,50,000 15.0 paisa
Order up to 1,00,00,000 texts today.
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* GST Applicable