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Distribution Channel


It is a solution for FMC distributor and its salesmen. Salesmen go the market to take orders for retailer using android application. The order is directly uploaded to the server in the form of bill.

Manager can view / print all the bill for the particular area and also print the
summary for the delivery man. The delivery man loads the stock according to summary printed and delivers products to the retailer and collect the payment. Payment information can also be uploaded via dashboard.

Admin can view the sell for the day, week and month or specific time of period and also view many types of reports in graph format. Retailer application has been developed also from which retailer can book the order directly.



Features :

  1. Bills
    • View and Print bills and summary
    • Assignment of bills to delivery man
    • Filtering bills
    • Generate New Bill
    • Update billing details
    • Summary pending bill data
  2. Delivery Statement
  3. Virtual Stock
  4. Salesman – Android Device
    • Approve or Reject android device
  5. Other
    • Company Expense
    • Self – Reminder
    • Purchase
    • Stock Loss

  1. Reports
    • Different kinds of reports like sell reports, billing report and so many for data analysis
  2. Salesman Mobile Application
    • Create Order / Bill
    • View virtual stock
    • Edit bill
    • Pending route details
    • Shop wise sales details
    • Product wise sales details
  3. Retailer Mobile Application
    • Book order anytime
    • Order status
    • Feedback to admin

Why this ?

  • Cost deduction in bill-books and salesman salary
  • Product stock management
  • Forecast for product purchase
  • Easy billing and accounting
  • No stock loss at all
  • Analysis for product marketing
  • Company can directly communicate with retailers
  • Using retailer application, retailer can directly book their order 24 x 7
  • Retailer can file feedback or complaint directly to the company